Simai TE 300R

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Powerful electric tow tractor with rear driver’s cab. Longer wheelbase and ideal weight distribution allow for maximum exploitation of motor torque.
Towing capacity 30,000 kg
Battery voltage 80 V

Vlečno vozilo – 4 kolesa

4-wheel tow tractor, man on board. Heavy-duty high-performance and long-range truck for industrial and airport duties. Despite its small size and turning radius, the TE300R has a high towing capacity. Driving position is located backwards ensuring optimum weight distribution and excellent stability. Loading capacity of front platform 80 kg.

• “Shock resistant” supporting perimeter chassis ensures maximum exploitation of induction motor torque.

• Suspensions: steel coil springs, stabiliser bar and shock absorbers in the front and in the rear.

• Drum service brake acting on 4 wheels – with twofold braking system. Front disk brakes and rear oil-bath multiple-disk brakes. Mechanical lever-type parking brake – negative hydraulic brake available upon request. Preset electrical braking, operating automatically when accelerator pedal is released, with fi rst stroke of brake pedal and on reversing direction.

• Standard hydraulic steering.

• 2 operators on board. Comfortable driving position ensures excellent visibility both to the front and to the rear towing hitch.

• “Man on board” device with seat occupancy sensor. Available in basic version, with weather protection roof with front windscreen and electric wipers. PVC canvas doors or cab with hinged side doors available.

• Lighting system: 2 front lights (position/dipped-beam/main-beam), 2 front turn indicators, 2 rear turn indicators, 2 rear lights (position/brake lights), 2 reversing lights. Horn. Flashing light and blue lights available upon request.

• Digital dashboard with battery charge indicator, fault detection, speedometer and hour meter. 24 V DC/DC converter for auxiliary services.

• Induction motor with through shaft integrated into driveline.

• Electronic speed control of AC motor with energy recovery during deceleration and braking. Several towing hitches available. Rear inching control to ease coupling operations.

• Battery 80 V – available capacity 500Ah, 560Ah and 620Ah. Battery in the front of the driver’s cab for fast replacement from above.

Standard paint fi nish: chassis dark grey RAL 7021/body light grey RAL 7035. Other colours available upon request. All parts are easy to access for fast and effective maintenance. Lower costs due to AC technology and modular design.

Vlečno vozilo – 4 kolesa
Towing capacity 30,000 kg
Battery voltage 80 V
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Areas Industrijski pogoni, automobilska industrija, aerodromi, teška industrija, logistika
Ponder 14

Nosilnost - Max. masa tovora (kg)

30000 kg


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