Simai TTE 15

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Stand-on tow tractor for indoor fast, short-distance towing duties. Operator can get on and off rapidly. Maximum comfort.
Towing capacity 1500 kg
Battery voltage 24 V

Vlečno vozilo

3-wheel tow tractor, man on board, with front-wheel drive. Extre-
mely fast, compact and easy to drive, perfect for indoor lightwei-
ght, short-distance, industrial towing duties.
• Supporting chassis ensures maximum exploitation of
induction motor torque.
• Preset electrical braking, operating automatically when
accelerator handgrip is released and on reversing direction.
• Mechanical drawbar steering.
• 1 operator on board, driving while standing. Low step-on
platform with suspension system for maximum driving comfort.
• “Man on board” device with sensor loor mat. Driver back
support available upon request. Blue and lashing lights
available upon request.
• Multifunction digital dashboard with battery charge indicator, fault detection, speedometer and hour meter.
• Induction motor based wheel-drive system.
• Electronic speed control of AC motor with energy recovery
during deceleration and braking. Several towing hitches
• Battery 24 V 375Ah
• Single phase HF battery charging on board. Standard paint
inish: chassis dark grey RAL 7021/body light grey RAL 7035.
Other colours available upon request.
All parts are easy to access for fast and effective maintenance.
Lower costs due to AC technology and modular design.

Stand-on vlečno vozilo
Towing capacity 1500 kg
Battery voltage 24 V
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Areas Bolnice, industrija, aerodromi, LEAN, florikultura, industrijsko čišćenje
Ponder 1

Nosilnost - Max. masa tovora (kg)

1500 kg


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